Mathochism: Brain freeze

One woman’s attempt to revisit the math that plagued her in school. But can determination make up for 25 years of math neglect?

I will never look at an ice cream cone the same way again.

The last chapter test was yesterday, and covered areas, locii and — I had hoped briefly — spheres, cones and cylinders. I confess I spent most of my time studying areas and locii. Heron’s formula, Brahmagupta’s formula and special triangles (ugh) were highest on my list, since we’d spent weeks on them. Uchitel covered volumes for about 20 minutes, and didn’t even assign homework.

Still, I did try to memorize volumes, but I guess it didn’t stick. When confronted with a problem that asked me to figure out the volume of a scoop of ice cream, I got brain freeze (sorry, couldn’t resist!). I remembered the volume of a sphere, but the one for a cone was nowhere to be found. Damn. Oh well, so much for ending well. (Why do I so often stumble at the finish line? Self-hatred? Self-sabotage? WTF?)

I’ll have to make up for it on the final, which is next week. We have one more lecture, a review, and then the final, and then that’s it — geometry is over!

I think I may even miss it! I will miss Uchitel, who made this otherwise torturous subject pleasant. I wish he was teaching pre-calc this summer. I am rather worried about this upcoming class. But for now, I must start reviewing. It’s not over yet.

All text copyrighted by A.K. Whitney, and cannot be used without permission.



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