Mathochism: Fun with infinity

One woman’s attempt to revisit the math that plagued her in school. But can determination make up for 25 years of math neglect?
Back when I was in geometry, I dreaded proofs. They seemed so fiddly, so obvious, so tedious. Yes, the side opposite the largest angle of a triangle is the longest side. But must this be expressed in 10 different steps?

Calculus proofs are a different story — at least so far. There are if … then statements, but less fiddliness. They feel more straightforward. I hope that continues!

Today, we covered infinite limits, or rather, limits that don’t exist due to infinity. Once again, this felt intuitive. After all, infinity has no limit.

I like the concept of infinity. It’s very mystical. I picture it as a highway going off into the horizon, forever and ever. I also see it in Hubble photos of space — not the nebula ones, but the ones of the hundreds and hundreds of galaxies floating next to each other.

At any rate, our first test is next week. We have a lecture before that, so I really need to focus on homework and catch up. I am surprising myself, though, by how well the pre-calc sank in, considering I didn’t get an A.

My confidence, though, is unusual. One woman at the other side of class told everyone at break that this class is making her “feel like a retard.” Several classmates agreed with her, including one young man who is apparently on his third calc class.

There but for the grace of math go I?

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  • No class I ever took before or since was as hard for me to understand as calculus. I think it makes your brain work in ways that just does not come at all naturally to some of us. But if you got it, girl, work it!

  • Well, so far. We’ll see!

  • No worries, the proofs in geometry were awkward for me, too, precisely because they were obvious. Once you start to prove non-obvious things, it gets a lot more fun. 🙂

  • Well, thank goodness. Those damn tedious proofs were my downfall on the geometry final!