Women write: Recommended reading

I recently connected with an amazing network of women writers. There is so much talent on there, and I’ve been reading their contributions, and they’re too good not to share.

So here is a selection, just from the past two weeks:

Laurie Penny writes in the New Statesman about how women’s more personal writing all too often gets dismissed as “confessional.”

Dina Kraft writes in the New York Times about a prison program meant to connect inmates and victims’ families, so that the inmates can be made to understand the harm they caused.

On Huffington Post, Valerie Alexander challenges the notion that the male perspective is the neutral, universal one. Warning, don’t read the comments!

Heather Wood Rudulph writes in Cosmopolitan about a new website that allows women to talk frankly about having an abortion.

Rachel McKibbens is candid about her mental illness in the Huffington Post.

Julie Buntin writes in the Atlantic about how her dead best friend haunts her on social media.

They’re all excellent pieces. Who says women don’t write?


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