Shameless self promotion

imrs.phpI have another essay in the Washington Post today, this one on the challenges of finding elder home care. The apocalypse may be upon us by the time I turn 90, so I really don’t know how I can plan for this, but I will try!

Also, here is my last story on word problems for Noodle, which sadly decided to stop running editorial content this month. Oh well, it was a fun run. Thanks, Noodle!

One comment

  • Thank you for taking the time to share this challenge from the perspective of the consumer. As a person who works in non-medical private pay home care in Florida, the stresses you have outlined along with the factual evidence I hope will also compel future support and understanding from both families and government.

    Your point about “bankrupting seniors” is especially on point given the recent legal changes to the health care industry over the last year including the Department of Labor’s new requirement of mandatory payment of overtime and the additional cost for companies to provide health care insurance from Obama Care.

    Unfortunately, this has had negative unintended consequences for family and the caregivers.

    Best wishes for Emma and you!