Shameless self-promotion

NumbersMental Floss ran my story on dyscalculia, the math learning disability that makes it hard for people to do the simplest calculations. While I really enjoy reading all the publications I’ve written for this past year, Mental Floss is where I can scratch that itch that answers questions like: why do my dog’s paws smell like corn chips? Yes, that’s an actual story. I won’t link it, because once you get sucked into the Mental Floss rabbit hole, it’s hard to get out.

On not blogging every day

When I vowed to blog every day for a month, I had hoped it would inspire me to write more in general.

Alas, that has not been the case. If anything, it’s made me write less, which is bad. It’s also made me not want to really dig into any weightier topics, because they may be fodder for actual paid work, and I’ve been working hard on widening my platform.

So while it’s been fun adding random items every day, I’m cutting this experiment short in order to focus on the bigger picture.

Hopefully the muses will return from wherever they’ve been hiding!

Wilderness music

The dust bunnies have been self-actualizing again, so I decided to spend the weekend cleaning. Music usually helps make the dusting and wiping and scrubbing less tedious, so I tucked an iPod in my pocket and set it to my mid ’90s playlist, otherwise known as “Wilderness Music.”

I call it that not because I went camping a lot during that time, but because the songs on the playlist are from the years right after college, aka my wilderness years.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after graduating from Bryn Mawr. I hadn’t yet decided on journalism, and my somewhat nebulous notion of becoming an English professor died shortly before I turned in my senior thesis. It didn’t help that there was a recession that summer, and the next year, which meant even entry-level jobs were hard to find. Read more

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